Old Model and Electronics Stuff

Most of these things are long gone, with only a few faded pictures to remember them by. I also built several model ships from scratch, and two R/C aeroplanes, of which nothing remains but the memory...

N Scale Model Railway (1971-1973) Frigate (1974)


Airboat (1976)  
The hull was made from polystyrene foam, cut with a hot wire and sheeted in plastic card. This construction was simple, had execellent bouyancy, and was inherently waterproof. The boat was powered with a Cox "Baby Bee" 049 glow engine, whose tiny tank only stored 3 minutes worth of fuel. After this engine wore out I installed a Cox "Black Widow" 049, which had an exhaust throttle and 10 minute fuel tank. Control was via my own-design "Galloping Ghost" 27MHz radio control system (not type approved and not licenced!). This was later upgraded to a Dick Smith digital proportional radio on 29MHz. Airboat 1975


Super-regenerative Receiver (1974)  
Frequency 27MHz (wideband)
Range >1km
Modulation 1Khz tone (on/off)
Output SPDT Relay

Other Bits