Kyosho ARF

Wingspan 1.15 Metres (45.5 inches)
Wing Loading 55 gm/dm2 (18 oz/sqft)
Flying Weight 1080gm (38oz)
CG 89mm from L.E.
Motor Kyosho AP29L
Propeller Kyosho Ducted Fan 3"
Speed Control Kontronic SUN3000
Battery 7 x Sanyo 1700SCR (8.4V)
Receiver Hitec HFS04Mi+
Servos 2 x CS20-BB
Controls Ailerons, Elevator, Motor
Construction Molded Polystyrene Foam

This is Kyosho's first EDF model, and mine too. Some people have complained that the model is under-powered and won't fly(!) without 8 cells or a brushless motor. Certainly the ducting doesn't look very efficient. The inlet duct has non-constant swept area and is quite 'dirty' with sharp angles, aileron servo in the airflow, and cheater holes. My friend Ian Lewis built his T-33 with extensive ducting mods and a brushless motor, giving very good performance. However, we didn't know if the ducting mods had actually made much improvement. Therefore I decided to build my model completely stock, except that instead of epoxying the body halves together I joined them with double-sided tape. The idea was that it would be easy to modify the ducting at a later date (assuming the plane lasts that long!).

Well as it turns out, my stock T-33 flys fine. The maiden flight was uneventful, with a strong climb-out from hand launch and no trim changes required. It managed a loop from level flight at full power, and cruised nicely at half throttle. Control was very smooth and stable. Flight time was just over 4 minutes with the 1700SCR battery. A 1950mAh NiMH pack should extend run time to 5 minutes or more.

t-33 maiden