SMD to DIP Adapter

I built this adapter for two reasons. Firstly, I needed a way to program surface-mount chips with my PIC programmer, which only has a DIP socket. Secondly, I wanted to test the programmed chip before soldering it onto the target PCB.

open.jpg The clear plastic carrier has a square hole cut in it, just large enough to take the body of an SMD chip. Two rows of contacts in the base are made from a cut down PLCC socket. When the carrier is hinged down and clamped, the chip's feet press down on the socket contacts. No pressure is put on the body of the SMD package.
Each pin of the SMD socket is wired to the same numbered pin on an 8 pin DIP plug. I added a 100nF ceramic capacitor from pin 1 to pin 8 of the socket (+5V to GND).



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