Ryan ST


Wingspan 600mm (24")
Wing Loading 27g/dm2 (8.8oz/sqft)
Flying Weight 152g (5.4oz)
Motor GWS LPS geared 5:1
Propeller GWS EP7060
Speed Control Kontronics Micro10
Battery 6 x GP27AAAM 270MAh NiMH (7.2V)
Receiver GWS Pico 40MHz with Smart PPM Decoder
Servos 2 x GWS Pico
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Motor
Construction Expanded Polystyrene Foam and Depron

This model is a rubber-powered freeflight kit from Union Models, which I have converted to radio control. Originally I powered it with a MIG 180 motor and 5.3:1 gearbox, but it needed 8 cells and was too heavy. With the GWS power plant and 6 cells it is a bit lighter, but wing loading is still quite high so it has to fly fast. Even with plenty of power, it doesn't want to loop (but it does an excellent flick-roll!). I suspect this is due to a combination of high wing loading and too much flexing of the wingtips.